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           - See what happens to the yellow lid bin after collection 
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           - See what happens to the green lid bin after collection
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    Your Questions Answered


    What if I need a bigger garbage bin?

    Larger families who require a 240 litre garbage bin can contact Council's Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895 or email

    An additional cost will apply (see Fees & Charges).



    Request a new Garbage and Recycling Service (New Estates)

    Please use Council's Customer E-Request System (Waste Management) to request a new service or call 1800 623 895.



    Is it Green or Yellow Bin Night?


    Check your Bin Night and Bin Colour Online here.


    As well, to help you keep track of recycling weeks and waste collection days, The Hills Shire Council produces an annual Waste Calendar designed specifically for your area and delivered to every household in The Sydney Hills.

    Further copies of the calendar are currently available by calling +61 2 9843 0310 or by filling out a Customer E-Request Online (Waste Services Request)



    What if I need an additional recycling or garden organics bin?

    Council will be pleased to provide you with additional recycling or garden organics bins to assist you manage the waste within the small red lid garbage bin if necessary.

    Contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895, fill in an online e-request (waste management services) or email

    Fees apply (see Fees & Charges).




    Where can I get a compost bin or worm farm?

    The Hills Shire Council is participating in Compost Revolution- an online platform where information on composting and worm farming is provided through a tutorial and quiz. Following completion of the quiz, residents are invited to purchase a compost bin or worm farm at a discounted rate (50%) plus free delivery. This program aims to assist residents who are unable to attend a workshop and would prefer the convenience of online learning. To participate in this program, see



    Lost or Stolen Bins

    If your bin has been lost or stolen it is important to check surrounding streets and properties as soon as possible to see if the bin has been relocated. If you are unable to find the bin contact Council's Waste Team on +61 2 9843 0310 to organise a replacement. 

    You will be required to complete the Lost or Stolen Bin Statement Declaration (87.89kB) prior to delivery of the replacement bin. Delivery will take place within 48hrs of the Lost or Stolen Bin Statement Declaration being returned to Council. 



    Missed Rubbish Collection

    Contact Council's Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895 or email



    Damaged Bins (repair and/or replacement parts)

    If your bin is damaged contact Council's Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895, email or lodge an online customer e-request.



    I need a kerbside clean up for bulky items?

    You must make a booking. Bookings will be taken on behalf of Council by its collection contractor, Cleanaway. To make a booking call 1800 623 895. Materials should not be placed at the kerbside until the night before the collection date. For more details vist Council's On-Call Kerbside Clean-Up web page.



    What if I move?

    Do not take the bins with you. All bins remain the property of The Hills Shire Council.



    What if I rent?

    Any questions regarding the Waste Service should be directed to the Real Estate Agent or Property Manager. 



    Recycling Service 1Recycling Service

    In October 1993, The Hills Shire Council introduced the first wheelie bin recycling service in NSW. Residents embraced the service with enthusiasm.

    Today, negotiations with producers of goods and packaging are taking place under a voluntary scheme called the National Packaging Covenant to establish a framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging and paper products. The National Packaging Covenant aims to create choice for consumers who wish to buy recyclable products and products made from recyclable materials. We can recycle more and stop non-recyclable items entering the recycling bin!

    Please take care: Plastic bags are not recyclable through the household recycling service. Please DO NOT place recyclables inside a plastic bag or place plastic bags in the recycling bin. Check to see if the local supermarket recycles plastic bags or alternatively, re-use them or dispose of them in the garbage bin.

    Remember, bins should not be overfilled or overflowing as the collection vehicles can only lift bins with a maximum weight of 70kg. Anything above this weight will result in the bin not being emptied.

    Click here to see what happens to the contents of your recycling bin after collection and why plastic bags are our biggest problem

                                  Acceptable Items

    • GOPapers, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, telephone books, cereal boxes, envelopes, junk mail, pizza boxes (food removed)
    • Glass bottles and jars 
    • All steel/tin cans including pet food
    • Empty aluminium cans
    • Empty aerosol cans
    • All plastic containers including tubs, bottles and jars. No plastic bags, strapping or shrink wrap 
    • Milk and juice cartons

    NO Non Acceptable Items

    • Waxed cardboard (old fruit boxes)
    • Ceramic plates, drinking glass, pyrex, window glass, any broken glass, crockery
    • Polystyrene, bubble wrap, plastic bags marked or unmarked with a triangle
    • Meat trays, disposable nappies, clothing, shoes

    Important message: Council will be monitoring the recycling service. Penalties may apply for contamination offences. Make sure you DO THE RIGHT BIN.  


    How To Recycle Platics



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    Garden Organics BinGarden Organics Service

    The natural bushland and open space is important to residents living in the Shire. The garden organics bin for vegetation has financial and environmental benefits as this material is diverted from landfill and mulched, composted or used to enhance soils depleted of nutrients. 

    Acceptable  GO

    • Lawn clippings
    • Pruned shrubs or trees 
    • Cut flowers
    • Weeds (excluding noxious)
    • Sticks, twigs and leaves
    • Bark and branches no longer than 1m and 75mm in diameter


    NO Non Acceptable

    • Plastic bags or bin liners
    • Food scraps including fruits from pruned trees 
    • Household garbage
    • Bricks, rocks, dirt or soil
    • Plastic or terracotta plant holders and garden hoses
    • Hazardous materials such as bottles, chemicals and pesticides
    • Medical waste including syringes and dialysis bags


    Please take care: Plastic bags or bin liners are not acceptable. Place leaves and twigs at the bottom of the bin to stop lawn clippings sticking.

    Remember, bins should not be overfilled or overflowing as the collection vehicles can only lift bins with a maximum weight of 70kg. Anything above this weight will result in the bin not being emptied.

    Council will be monitoring the garden organics service. Penalties may apply for contamination offences. So make sure you DO THE RIGHT BIN! 

    Click Here to see what happens to the contents of your garden organics bin after collection.

    NOTE: A FREE MULCHING SERVICE is available to residents who have bulky garden organic material which will not fit into the garden organics bin. 

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    Garbage Service 1Garbage Service

    Australians remain the second highest producers of garbage in the world. Many residents have told us that they are 'good' recyclers however, many have not considered the amount of waste still being generated.

    Click here to learn new ways to save heaps.


    Acceptable Garbage Items

    • Plastic bags
    • Disposable nappies
    • Food packaging such as chips, meat trays
    • Broken crockery, light globes, drinking glass, pyrex.


    NONon Acceptable Garbage Items

    • Recyclable material 
    • Garden organic material 
    • Building or construction waste
    • Hazardous waste such as asbestos, paints, gas bottles
    • Car parts or car bodies 
    • Bricks 
    • Medical waste.  




    Bin PresentationBin Presentation Image

    • Bins should be placed out for collection the night before collection day
    • Bins should be presented one metre apart
    • Bin lids should open facing the road
    • Bins should be presented a distance from trees, telegraph poles or other obstacles causing difficulty for the truck to collect
    • Bins should not be overfilled or overflowing as the collection vehicles can only lift bins to a maximum weight of 70kg. Anything above this weight will result in a non collection of the bin.
    • To ensure a safe and efficient collection service residents living in cul-de-sacs may be asked to present bins in an alternative location to the front of their property. 


    Remember collection day can be exciting for children - To ensure their safety make sure they are watching from a safe distance. 




    Units, Town-Houses and Villas  Street scene

    Residents living in units, townhouses or villas generally have either a 140 litre, 240 litre, 660 litre or 1100 litre bulk garbage bin with a red lid. You may receive additional bins or additional collections to ensure your garbage collection needs are met.

    For units, townhouses or villas that have a bin bay storage area, the contractor will collect bins from the storage area and return the emptied bins for you. However, where prior arrangements have been made for caretakers to undertake the placement of bins at the kerbside, this service will not apply. Council provides a garden organics service to many properties throughout the Shire. Individual requests on behalf of units/townhouses and villas through the Strata or Body Corporate may be made.

    All bin storage areas within units, townhouses or villas should have appropriate signage showing acceptable and non acceptable items for each bin. Council provides this signage free of charge and requests should be made through the Strata or Body Corporate.

    For more information on Council's waste service contact 1800 623 895 or email

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    Wisemans Ferry 2

    Rural Waste Service

    All residents living in the Rural areas of The Hills Shire have a 240 litre garbage bin with a red lid and a 240 litre recycling bin with a yellow lid. Council encourages residents to reduce waste and improve the recovery of valuable resources.

    If you would like to reduce the size of the garbage bin or need more information on the waste service contact Council on 1800 623 895 or email 






    Commercial Waste Services

    Generally The Hills Shire Council does not provide a commercial waste service, however Council may provide a waste service to a small number of commercial properties - Please contact Council to see if you are eligible for this service.

    Commercial properties with Council's waste service are provided with one 240 Litre garbage bin and one 240 Litre recycling bin. Note that commercial properties paying a waste charge are not entitled to Council's on call cleanup Service. Click here to find out about other services to help you reduce waste in your business or visit

    Council looks forward to working together to minimise waste and recover valuable resources relieving existing pressure on local landfills and ensuring waste management services remain cost effective and efficient.

    Please contact Council's Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895 or email for more information.  

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