Sportsground Wet Weather Status


  • This web page is updated only if, and when required as a result of changes due to wet weather or scheduled ground maintenance.
  • Ground conditions are only reviewed daily from Monday to Friday.
  • This web page is updated if required by approx 3pm after each field has been reviewed.
  • During inclement weather information regarding sports ground closures will also be posted on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Please note: following the recent boundary proclamation, The City of Parramatta now manage all sportsgrounds in the area South of the M2. For informationon these fields please refer to the City of Parramatta website or call 02 9294 8586.


The Hills Shire Council Wet Weather Status Update:


All Grounds OPEN at Clubs Discretion except:

Fred Caterson Field 4,6
Ted Horwood Field 4
Kenthurst Field 2
George Thornton Field 2
Kellyville Field 1,2,3

which remain CLOSED due to wet weather


UPDATE: The weather bureau has reported it has rained 21 days of the last 24 days with 267mm of rain. All of the Hills Shire Council sportsfields are currently saturated and will remain closed for the time being to minimise damage.

This has resulted in rapid grass growth making it impossible to mow the majority of sportsfields and parks without causing significant damage to fields or recreational areas. Fields and parks are being assessed daily and mowing efforts are being directed as they dry out.

Unfortunately it will not be possible to catch up quickly and the mowing priority will be directed at sportsfields followed by major recreational sites and then local parks. Specific customer requests for localised mowing will be reviewed once priority areas are completed.

It may take 2-3 weeks for mowing to resume normal operations assuming the rain stays away.


Additional Information

Why has Council closed the Sports Ground?

Council decides to close grounds based on:

  • The potential for injury to players.
  • The sport played and the potential for damage to the playing surface.
  • The weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • The condition of the ground when inspected. 

Grounds closures can occur at short notice.

Neither sporting clubs nor Parks 355 Management Committees have authority to approve the use of sporting grounds when Council has closed the grounds. Clubs or schools using closed fields will be liable for the full cost of repairs and may lose their licence agreement with Council. 

In instances where Council information has deemed all grounds open, clubs or umpires and referees may choose to close specific grounds to prevent injury to players. When this occurs, club representatives should erect the grounds closed sign and contact the affected visiting clubs and teams.