River Road - Drive Cautiously - road narrowing in place and temporary stabilisation works completed



3 Apr 2012


Residents are advised that a section of road embankment has collapsed at River Road, Wisemans Ferry as a result of recent wet weather and elevated water levels of the river.  The site of the collapse is located approximately 3.6km south of the Webbs Creek Ferry.

The collapse of the road embankment is being urgently attended to by Council who are working on a design and construction solution to restore the embankment and make the road safe.

The road will be closed for a date that is yet to be confirmed for urgent investigative works so that Council can restore the section of the road embankment that has collapsed. 

The revised speed limit on this section of River Road is 40kph and drivers in the area are advised to drive with caution. Additional changes to traffic conditions will also apply.

The speed will remain at 40kph until the embankment is restored.

Council apologises for any inconvenience while work is being carried out to restore River Road.


Rive Road Embankment 2

River Road Embankment 1


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