27 May 2010


The Hills Shire Council is asking brothels “to back off” and will write to the Premier to ask for an exemption of brothels and sex services in the Sydney Hills.

The issue of brothels and sex services continues to be one that refuses to go away. The Hills Shire Council now must include brothels in the Hills Shire LEP and Baulkham Hills Control Plan under the direction of the State Government.

“Our community upholds a strong family focus and we want to maintain a high quality of life for our residents. We are very proud to be one of the few LGAs that have no legal brothels at all and would like to keep things this way but unfortunately the State Government has called on us to plan for them,” Mayor of The Hills Shire, Clr Peter Dimbrowsky said.

Council resolved last year to only allow brothels in industrial areas to prevent brothel operators being able to lodge DAs for them in town centres or other inappropriate areas.  

“We would prefer not to have these establishments in the Hills Shire at all. However, if they must exist, it is our duty to ensure that they are located in areas where they will not impact our residents, our environment and our community,” Mayor Dimbrowsky said.

Council further resolved at this week’s meeting (Tuesday 25, May) to write to the Premier and request a change to legislation that would allow a council who felt that if this type of business is inconsistent with the values and demographic of its residence then it should have the right to argue that case.

“This is not a matter of Council failing to be open-minded,” Mayor Dimbrowsky said.

 “This is a matter of Council doing the responsible thing by our residents. We believe these developments are out of character with our area and contrary to the values at the heart of our Sydney Hills residents.”


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