25 Mar 2010


The Hills Shire Council has been listed amongst the State’s top ten out of 152 Councils for DA processing and determination times.

The statistics have recently been released by the Department of Planning and are based on information compiled from all 152 New south Wales Councils about how they deal with and the quantity of  Development Applications, Section 96 modifications, Complying Development Certificates and Building and Subdivision Certificates.

During the 2008/2009 financial year, The Hills Shire Council determined 1,508 DAs and 189 Complying Development Applications. A total number of 1,697 DAs and CDC's were determined in our Local Government area which places Council eighth highest in the State.

The total estimated value of DA's and CDC's approved in the Local Government area was $567.2m which places Council fifth highest in the State.

“These figures are a real credit to this Council,” Mayor of The Hills Shire Clr Peter Dimbrowsky said. “While there is always room for improvement, these numbers are incredibly healthy compared to State averages and reflect the good processes and appropriate levels of delegation by this Council.

The average determination time for DA's approved in the Hills Shire is 67 days which compares favourably with the State average of 74 days.

For Section 96 applications the mean gross determination time was 48 days, comparing to a State average of 53 days.

Of the 38 Complying Development Certificates (CDC's) determined by Council, the mean determination time was 8 days compared to the average for the State for Council determined CDC's of 12 days. 

“This is a fantastic outcome and this Council will continue to strive for improvement and to ensure that we are better than just ‘good’,” Mayor Dimbrowsky said.

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