Application and Registration Forms

The following application forms are provided for your convenience. Select from the list provided and complete the following steps:

  • Select the subject that interests you. 
  • Select the appropriate application form and print it.
  • Complete the application form and bring it into Council's Customer Service Centres.


You can order a 603 certificate, 149 certificate (149(2) and/or 149(5)), 735a certificate, and 88G Certificates Online, register privately issued construction certificates and access Applications and Registration of Building Certificates and Privately Certified Construction Certificates and Complying Developments online via Council's Online Applications and Certificates


You can make a Change My Mailing Address Request or Change of Name Request online via Council's Customer E-Request 


You can make a Licencing, Application or Debtors payment online via Council's Online Payments System

NOTE: Some application forms do require supporting documentation.
NOTE: Before completing any application form, it is important that you read the Privacy Statement.


  • 149 Certificate
  • 603 Certificate 
  • 735a Certificate 
  • Access Public Land - Permission Application 
  • Application to Access Council Documents 
  • Application to Modify Consent Section 96
  • Application for Financial Assistance
  • Bike Locker Application Form
  • Bin Placement in Public Place - Skip Bin/ Building Waste Container 
  • Bin Declaration (lost or stolen) 
  • Building Fire Safety
  • Building or Modifying a House and/or Ancillary Structure (demolition)
  • Buying or Selling a Property - Building Certificate
  • Caravan Park Installation
  • Cash Bond/Bank Guarantee Release
  • Castle Hill Main Street Outdoor Dining Information
  • Cemetery (Castle Hill)
  • Change of Customer Contact Details (Name & Address)
  • Cooling towers & warm water systems
  • Companion Animals
  • Credit Card Payment Form (Mailed Applications) 
  • Development Applications
  • Driveways 
  • Filming in The Hills Shire Permission 
  • Fireworks 
  • Food Businesses
  • Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA) 
  • Grants and Donations 
  • Health and Safety Certificates
  • Hills Certifiers
  • House Number Alteration
  • Liquor Licensing 
  • Major Developments
  • Mapping Service
  • Neighbour Information Request  
  • Occupation Certificate Application 
  • On-site Sewage Management
  • Outdoor Dining Policies
  • Payment by Credit Card Form (Mailed Applications) 
  • Permission to Access Public Land
  • Personal Trainers 
  • Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement   
  • Rates
  • Road Opening and Occupancy Permit
  • Road Closures 
  • Section 96 Modification 
  • Section 149
  • Section 603
  • Section 735a Certificates
  • Skip Bin - Application to place a building waste container in a public place 
  • Sporting Facilities, hire of 
  • Statutory Declaration Form 
  • Subdivisions/Carrying out Engineering Works
  • Supplier Details Registration 
  • Swimming Pool Compliance and Registration 
  • Tree Management
  • Vandalism Reward Scheme Claim Form 
  • Woodfire & Oil Fuel Heaters


    The following application forms are provided as PDF documents - Select the application form you are interested in to download.


    Application to Access Council Documents 

    Access to Council Documents Information



    Application to Modify Consent (S96) 

    Application to modify consent (S96) (175.61kB)

    Section 96 Modification Fact Sheet (122.20kB)



    Application for Financial Assistance  

    For information on Council's Grant and Donations program, please click here.



    Bike Locker Application Form

      Bike locker application form (20.10kB)



    Bin Placement in a Public Place (Skip Bin/Building Waste Container)  

     Application to Locate Building Waste Container in a Public Place - 13 KB 



    Bin Declaration (Lost or Stolen)

     Lost or Stolen Bin Statement Declaration (87.89kB)



    Building Fire Safety 

     Interim/Final Fire Safety Certificate - 40 KB

     Annual / Supplementary Fire Safety Statement - 39 KB

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    Building or Modifying a House and/or Ancillary Structure

     Class 10a Building Alternate Solution Submission Form - 54 KB

     Compliance Certificate - 94 KB

     Development Consent Construction Certificate Form - 49 KB

     Granny Flats (Secondary Dwelling) Checklist (57.06kB)

    Section 96 Modification Fact Sheet (122.20kB)

     Statement of Environmental Effects Dwellings and Major Additions (77.23kB)

     Statement of Environmental Effects for Minor Structures (153.07kB)

     Waste Management Plan - 279 KB

     Home Warranty Insurance - Statement of Inclusions (11.83kB) 

  •   Application Form for Know Down Rebuild Landscape Contribution Scheme (173.62kB)

     Knock Down ReBuild Landscape Contribution Scheme (45.75kB)




    Buying or Selling a Property

      Section 149 Planning Certificate Application - 29 KB or use Council's Online Applications and Certificates Service

      Building Certificate Application 149b - 42 KB

     Application Certificate Section 603 - 519 KB 

    735a Outstanding Orders - use Council's Online Applications and Certificates Service







    Caravan Park Installation 

     Application Flood Liable Caravan Park Installation - 40 KB

     Information Sheets Caravan Installation - 43 KB

     Approval to Operate a Caravan Park or Camping Ground - 29 KB







    Cash Bond/Bank Guarantee Release 

     Application for cash bond and/or bank guarantee release - 44 KB 







    Castle Hill Main Street Outdoor Dining Information

     Castle Hill Main Street Outdoor Dining Application Fact Sheet (78.36kB)

    The Hills Shire Council Outdoor Activity Policy Document - Policy Number 14

    The Hills Shire Council Smoke Free Policy (with reference to smoke free zones in outdoor dining areas)

    The Schedule of Fees for Outdoor Dining Licenses (Fees and Charges)

    Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Information - How to obtain a Liquor License for Outdoor Dining Areas







    Cemetery - Castle Hill

     Application for Permit for the Erection of a Memorial Stone, Monument or Kerb 2012 - 2013 (20.45kB)







    Change of Customer Contact Details 

     Change of Customer Contact Details (Address & Name) Notification - 8 KB

    or change your details using Council's Customer E-Request System.

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    Cooling towers & warm water systems 

     Application Registration Regulated Cooling Warm Water Systems - 32 KB



    Companion Animals 

     Companion Animals Register Change Address - 49 KB

     Companion Animals Register Change Owner Details - 144 KB 







    Creating a Subdivision/ Carrying out Engineering Works 

     Development Consent Form - 414 KB

     Engineering Construction Certificate - 49 KB

     Engineering Design Compliance Certificate  - 205 KB

     Subdivision Certificate - 49 KB

     Subdivision Application Checklist - 37 KB







    Credit Card Payment Form

     Credit Card Payment for Mailed Applications (35.81kB)







    Development Applications

     Application for Development Consent, Construction Certificate and/or other Approval - 49 KB

     Development Applications Lodgement Checklist - Residential Dwelling Alterations & Additions (74.08kB)

     Credit Card Payment for Mailed Applications (35.81kB) 

    Looking for Development Application Fact Sheets?








     Footpath Crossing Application Form - 40 KB and  Fact Sheet - Applications for Driveway and Footpath -Gutter Crossings and Footpaving (86.77kB) 

     Fact Sheet - Specifications for the Construction of Footpaths and Gutter Crossings - 1,104 KB

     SD.15 - Gutter & Footpath Crossing (175.81kB)

     SD.16 - Footpath Crossing Grades & Suggested Maximum Internal Driveway Grades for Single Residential Lots (173.48kB)

     SD.17 - Rural Gutter Crossing (106.70kB)

     SD.18 - Footpath Paving and Jointing Details (124.27kB)







    Filming in the Shire Permission

     Filming in The Hills Shire Application Form (168.59kB) or submit an e-request online under Community Facilities - Hire & Maintenance








    For more information on fireworks applications please visit (Publications/ Licensing, registration and notification/Dangerous goods, explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnics).

     Guidelines for Council when Notification of an Intention to Use Fireworks in Received (45.13kB) 







    Food Businesses

     Food Business Registration Form (180.67kB)

     Temporary Food Stall Registration Form (49.91kB)

     Mobile Food Vending Vehicle Registration Form (39.30kB)







    Health and Safety Certificates 

     Registration form for skin penetration premises (182.04kB)

     Registration form for hairdressing premises (182.03kB)

     Application for Registration of Food Premises - 29 KB







    Hills Certifiers


    Application Forms

     Complying Development Certificate Application Form  (121.19kB)

    Section 87 Application to Modify a CDC (156.16kB)

      Occupation Certificate Application Form (38.65kB)

     Construction Certificate Application Form (213.15kB)

     BAL application Form (88.55kB)



     General Housing Code Complying Development Checklist - Dwellings and Ancillary Development (100.25kB)

     Demolition Code Complying Development Checklist (Part 7 of the Codes SEPP) (41.13kB)

     Subdivision Code Complying Development Checklist (Strata Subdivision) (34.53kB)

     BASIX Certificate Compliance Checklist.pdf (11.37kB)

     Letter to accompany BASIX Compliance Certificate Checklist (27.00kB)


    General Documents

     Hills Certifiers - Terms & Conditions (42.91kB)

     Notice of Appointment of PCA (143.58kB)

     Notice of Appointment of a Replacement PCA (87.56kB)

     Advice to Neighbours - Commencement of work under a CDC.pdf (37.43kB)

     Advice to Council and PA – Intention to Commence Work (33.21kB)

     Information Sheet - Occupation Certificates for Dwellings.pdf (29.42kB)

     Interim - Final Fire Safety Certificate (144.78kB)

     Smoke Alarm Certification (6.96kB)

     Glazing Compliance Certificate Template (16.44kB)

     Hills Certifiers Signage (79.88kB)







    House Number Alteration 

     House Number Alteration Form (148.52kB) 







    Major Developments 

     Development Consent Application Form - 414 KB

     Construction Certificate Application - 414 KB

     Integrated Development Consent - 414 KB 







    Mapping Service

     Mapping Service Information Sheet & Order Form (112.97kB)







    Neighbour Information Request

    Use the following form to request neighbour's contact details for the following reasons: dividing fences, tree matters, complying development neighbour notification and alteration of house numbers.

      Request for Neighbour Information (208.38kB)



    On-site Sewage Management Systems

     Approval to Install amend system sewage management - 53 KB

     Approval to Operate System Sewage Management System - 41 KB  



    Permission to Access Public Land

     Permission to Access Public Land (42.61kB)







    Personal Trainers

    Prior to holding a session in a Hills Shire park or reserve, personal trainers are required to obtain a permit from Council’s Community Facilities Team.

     Personal Trainers - Application Form (400.11kB)







    Temporary Road Closures

     Schedule of Temporary Road Closure Conditions (21.83kB)

     Temporary Road Closure Application Form (184.94kB)








    For more information on rates and the following forms visit our Rates page.

     Application Certificate Section 603 (18.71kB)

     Direct Debit Request - Rate Account (206.34kB)

     Agreement for an Arrangement to Pay Plan - Rates and Charges - 159 KB

     Application for Change in Category of Land Category of Land for Rating Purposes (98.20kB)

     Application for Classification of Land as Farmland (303.17kB)   

     Pensioner Concession Application Form (269.77kB) 



    Road Opening Permit

     Information on Conditions of Road Openings & Restoration Charges - 77 KB

     Road Opening Permit (172.73kB) 

     Checklist for Road Opening Permits (83.44kB)







    Sporting Facilities, hire of 

     Application for use of Sporting Facilities - 40 KB  

     Casual Application Form Sporting Facilities.pdf (343.22kB)

     Schools Application Form Sporting Field Hire.pdf (524.29kB)

     School Application Form Sporting Field Hire - School Athletics or Cross Country Carnival.pdf (304.88kB)







    Supplier Details Electronic Registration Form

    Please click on the following link to access Council’s Supplier Details Electronic Form and Supplier Agreement Terms. Completing the online form will register your organisation as a supplier to The Hills Shire Council.







    Statutory Declaration Form

     Statutory Declaration (7.62kB)







    Swimming Pool Compliance and Registration 

     Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Application Form (139.24kB) Information on new pool certification laws available here.







    Tree Management

    For detailed information on Tree Management for both Public and Private land visit Council's Tree Page.


     Tree Management Application Form - 144 KB

     Tree Management Credit Card Payment Form - 66 KB

     Trees Dispute Act 2006 - 48 KB  







    Vandalism Reward Scheme Claim Form



    Woodfire & Oil Heaters

     Application form for installation of a solid or oil fuelled heater (379.87kB)

     Local Approval Policy - Solid or Oil Fuelled Heaters (100.82kB)

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